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        PHPHelpdesk started out for one main reason-- I couldn't find a better package available to do exactly what I wanted.  So I wrote this helpdesk application.  I started out with a small application that allowed users to login and submit tickets.  Soon new features started to come.  Before I knew it, the application had grown larger than I expected.  More people started to use it and my life started to get busier.  I've moved across the country a few times and focused on other aspects of my life.  Needless to say, I've neglected this project.
        Version 1.0 currently supports managing user accounts, departments, and categories.  It allows users to submit tickets and rate their priority.  It allows many users to login and work on the tickets to resolve the problems.  It also has some limited reporting functionality and will send emails to an assigned user.
        Version 2.0, which I am currently starting to design, will be a complete rewrite of the applicaiton from the ground-up.  Although I graduated with a BA in computer information systems, I've lost much of my programming skills over the years and will be looking to regain this knowledge by reviewing other programming websites in order to make this version a lot better.


        2006-03-27 - Maybe Someday I'll be more motivated to work on phphelpdesk!   Its been almost five months since I posted the last information on this website. As you can see, there is no new release. Nor do I have any design specs on the site. This is because there are none yet. Every half year I get some motivation to continue to develop this project. After about a week of thinking of new ways to go about it, I decide that I don't have time to continue working with the project and resort back to my daily life. And with another child currently on the way, I don't know if I'll have time to do anything else with the project. Therefore, don't expect any new version of the software any time soon-- maybe not ever again. If I get time to devote to the project at some point, I'll be glad keep you in the loop.

        2005-10-31 - Happy Halloween everyone!  I redesigned the website today so that it is a bit cleaner.  I've been working on some design docs also.  I will be attempting to design the classes and logic before I start programming anything for version 2.0.  Within the next week I'll try to update the site to show what the features are that you should expect to be in version 2.0 and what the class design may look look like.